What are the printing processes of PVC wallcoverings?

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There are four printing processes for PVC wall coverings: ordinary, top printing, washing, and overprinting. The unique feature of PVC wall covering is its unique three-dimensional pattern, which also makes its printing process different from traditional flat wall covering. In this issue, we will introduce four printing processes commonly used in PVC wall coverings.

1. ordinary process:

The ordinary process is the most common printing process for PVC wall coverings. It refers to printing only one layer of base color on the wall covering, and then rolling out the three-dimensional pattern.

It is worth mentioning that the colors printed by ordinary processes are mostly solid colors, and the shape is relatively simple and concise, which is more suitable for large-scale use in construction decoration.

2. the top printing process:

The top printing process is also a common printing process for PVC wall coverings. It builds on the background color of the wall covering and adds a layer of color to the raised textured surface.

We can imagine the PVC wall covering as a land with ravines, the raised texture is like a mountain, and the depressed place is like a canyon. The above printing process is to paint colors on these "mountains", so that "mountain" and "ground" show different colors.

3. washing process:

The washing process is the opposite of the top printing process. It prints the color again in the recessed "canyons" of the wall covering, creating color variations. The washing process is mostly used to express the light and shade of the wall covering texture, and enhance the three-dimensional effect through different color changes.

4. overprinting process:

Overprinting refers to the superimposition of different colors and patterns on the same plane to create a rich visual effect that can be imagined as a "squashed sandwich".

Compared with other printing processes, the overprinting process has a larger modeling space, so the pattern is relatively gorgeous and beautiful, and it is the best choice for many high-end places.

The above four printing processes have their own merits. The existence of each printing method is to better apply to different spaces and scenes, so that customers can choose more wall covering styles they like.


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