What is holographic projection mesh screen?

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What is holographic projection mesh screen?

  • The holographic projection mesh screen is a screen made of net yarn. It is a translucent screen made of thin cotton or polyester or nylon fiber with mesh holes.
  • Holographic projection mesh screen acts as a novel projection medium in the event. It needs to be combined with the projector to produce a 3D stereoscopic image effect. The micro-media material has the huge advantages of the light and easy installation to overcome the problems of the other imaging media such as the weight, difficulty in installation, and large space occupation. Its imaging effect is clear and perfect. The holographic screen can produce a magical effect during projection. No carrier can be seen in the screen and the effect is a floating in the air. The screen expands the spatial level of the stage, enhances the interaction between performers and actors, and adds more charm to the performance.

The features and advantages of holographic projection mesh screen:

1. The transparent and three-dimensional effect can fully attract customers' attention and achieve an unforgettable effect

2. The image size is highly selectable and the product has a long service life

3. Improve brand and service level, realize differentiated marketing

4 The use of non-fixed installation brings great convenience to users. When the company moves or shows on tour, it can be easily disassembled.

5. Use cloth edging and perforating, or use mesh screen directly

6. The gauze is lightweight, foldable, waterproof, fireproof and reusable. Meanwhile, multi lighting angles can achieve perfect performance by using right projector.

7. Clear imaging, strong three-dimensional sense, transparent effect


Where is the holographic projection mesh screen used?

  • Various exhibition halls, shopping malls, hypermarkets, hotels, flagship stores, indoor entertainment venues, promotional meetings, automobile or apparel conferences, stage performance, interaction, bar, museum, wedding celebrations etc. Places where traditional display media cannot achieve effects.

 Fabric's details:

Material: polyester fiber

Screen color: white or grey

Width:3M and 6M Customized width can be available.

Projection method: front or back projection

Projection angle: 90and 180 degrees are not recommended, 40-60 degrees are good.


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