What backing fabric is used for duct tape?

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The tapes are widely used in our daily life. Today, we will talk about #fabric backed duct tape. This kind of Tape is a thermal #composite material of polyethylene and gauze. It is painted with high viscosity synthetic glue. It has powerful stripping capabilities, anti-tensile, oil resistance, waterproof and anti-corrosion.

Then what backing fabric is used for duct tape?  

This woven #fabric can be used flexibly in a variety of materials such as #laminates and composite industrial materials.

Usually, it is made of cotton yarn, chemical fiber yarn, polyester-cotton blended yarn, polyester filament and other materials. It comes in a single weave or interweave.

The fabric is suitable for the bonding of various tapes, such as duct tape, double-sided tape, single-sided tape etc. The specifications are 27 mesh, 35 mesh, 50 mesh and 70 mesh that can be selected. Density and width also can be customized according to the requirements. The double-filament woven fabric has better waterproof performance.

What are the features of duct tapes?

Duct tape with #mesh fabric can be easily torn by hand to the desired length without tools such as scissors. After tearing off the leftovers, the tape is still neat and smooth, and can be tightly attached to rough and uneven surfaces. The tape with fabric is waterproof and has a strong reinforced backing for indoor and outdoor use. A variety of #scrim backing fabrics for laminate and composite can be produced such as grey fabric #backing, leather scrim backing, table cloth backing, wallcovering backing, car seat backing etc.


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