How are the delicate patterns on the PVC wall covering made?

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How are the delicate patterns on the PVC wall covering made?
When we check into a hotel, we are attracted by the beautiful patterns of the extensive wall covering. Some are simple, some are bronzing, and some are luxurious. So how are these beautiful patterns made?

PVC wall covering is produced with PVC film as the surface material and mesh cloth as the backing material.

How is PVC wall covering printed?

The first step is to print and color on the PVC film.
When printing, the water-based and Eco-friendly color paste should be rolled on the surface, and a professional CNC multi-plate printing machine should be used. Different patterns are printed with different printing rollers.
After the PVC film is compounded with the grid mesh fabric and softened at high temperature, the texture is rolled on the surface with an embossing machine to produce the corresponding texture effect. After printing and drying, high temperature softening, cooling and shaping and other processes, the three-dimensional effect pattern of the wall covering is completed. This printing method is mostly used in split type composite machines.


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