What are the raw materials for the production of PVC wall coverings?

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What are the raw materials for the production of PVC wall coverings?
  PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), also known as polyvinyl chloride, is a polymer formed by the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomers in initiators such as peroxides and azo compounds; or by a free radical polymerization mechanism under the action of light and heat. Vinyl chloride homopolymers and vinyl chloride copolymers are collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resins. It is the main material of PVC wall covering, which is combined with scrim and glue. In addition, some auxiliary materials are added to meet the needs of different customers for wall coverings, such as adding flame retardants in the production process to make the wall covering flame retardant; adding bacteriostat to the wall covering has the effect of antibacterial properties.
 So, what is the backing scrim of PVC wall covering? What role does it play in PVC wall coverings?
 Backing scrim: It is a base fabric made of polyester-cotton, 100%polyester or 100% cotton and weave in a staggered form. We can clearly see the pattern of the texture of backing scrim in the picture below.

The effect of the backing scrim used for the wall covering is first, it is to prevent uneven shrinkage during high temperature cooling. Second, its grid-like texture increases adhesion. It makes the glue easier to grip the wall. Third, it is convenient for the wall covering to be constructed on the wall. Therefore, backing scrim is now a very popular base fabric for PVC wallpaper.


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