How to distinguish cotton gauze and polyester gauze?

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There are three ways to distinguish polyester-cotton gauze and cotton gauze.

1. SEE: polyester cotton gauze is brighter than cotton gauze, and the color of polyester cotton mesh is brighter. Its fiber organization is also tighter and more dense.

 But the color of cottongauze looks a little bit yellow and touches softer. There are some cotton seed residues can be seen on the surface of cotton gauze.

2. TOUCH: Cotton gauze is fluffy but doesn't feel smooth. The hand feeling of polyester cotton is slippery.

3. BURNING: This is also widely used by the industry's most intuitive method. While the cotton gauze is burning, the flame shows yellow, smells like burning paper and its edge is loose. It will leave very little gray-black flocculent ashes.

When it closes to the flame, polyester cotton gauze will shrink, melt, make black smoke and emit a poor quality aromatic smell. While burning, its edge gets harder. The color of its ashes appear hard black-brown. and the ashes can be twisted.

Cinfudy Textile's large rolls of cotton and polyester cotton gauze can be used in industrial, agricultural and medical fields according to different applications and processes. In industry, they are mainly used as base cloth, scrim backing cloth for industrial compound products. In agriculture, they are used as wrap cloth for plant protection, and in medicine, they are the raw material for medical gauze.


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